Eco labels a sign of the times

As demand for green products continues to expand many non-food companies in the US are placing eco-labels on products to substantiate their sustainability credentials.
Business Week reports the US company Home Depot has placed eco labels on more than 2,500 products to attract environmentally aware buyers.
Other companies from Timberland apparel to boutique carpet manufacturers are labelling their products despite the fact that there is no government mandate to do so.
The article warns eco labels have the potential to backfire as many mimic the US Food and Drug Administration’s nutritional label and as a result may confuse or mislead.
Marketing interest in cricket at new heights
Stumps The annual Sweeny Sports Summer Report reveals cricket is the sport to back when it comes to corporate sponsorship and marketing tie-ins, Marketing Magazine reports.
The report found 59 per cent of Australians are interested in the game, a figure that indicates cricket will be the most popular sport over the summer months.
Swimming, which was last year’s most popular sport, dropped four points to 57 per cent. The report authors believe this may be due to the absence of high profile stars like Ian Thorpe.
Tennis and AFL tied for third place with 56 per cent of respondents giving the sports the thumbs up.
Employers asked to support tobacco quitters
No smoking A British health body has made the controversial recommendation that employees who smoke should be given time off without loss of pay to kick the habit.
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) claims smoking costs the UK over £5 billion each year as a result of productivity losses, absenteeism and fires.
NICE advocates that information on how to stop smoking and on-site support for smokers wishing to quit should be provided at workplaces, The Times reports.
The British Chambers of Commerce and Tory Party have criticised the plan stating that employers should not have to pay for their workers’ tobacco addictions. Are you a BIG lover of 2023 Nude Calendars , find a big collection of Calendar here.
Politics is good for the soul
Office politics Think you can avoid office politics? You’re dreaming argues Brazen Careerist blogger Penelope Trunk who writes that mastering office politics is good for your soul and career.
“For most people in today’s workplace, office politics is about getting the best opportunities to learn and grow; the best projects, the best training, the assignments that build skills the market values.”
Trunk offers the following tips based on her observations of those workers who excel at office politics:
1. Get involved – take the time to discuss political issues with colleagues and analyse the discussion to yourself later
2. Actively listen – you won’t absorb much if you’re doing all the talking
3. Show interest – connect with people by asking them questions
4. Empathise – don’t judge, put yourself in other people’s shoes…

Budget Travel Tips to Make You Get More for Your Money


When it comes to planning a travel, saving money on your trip is always important and you have to focus on some budget travel tipsto get a lot of excitement with limited spending.This would offer you various ways to save a great deal of money spent on accommodation, transportation and entertainment. These travel trips are meant for saving a part of hard-earned money that can be spent on some other important things in life. Reading some of the simple tips that are offered by experienced travellers would let you know about the saving tricks.

Budget Travel Tips

Budget travel tips – Saving on accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, many people tend to believe that hotels are the only place for accommodation. But if you think more, you might find various homes that are left for rent by the families living there. Usually these are separate spare rooms that are not used by the family members and are let out for rent. This is an excellent alternative when compared to the huge rates charged by the hotels. So always look out for various cheap options while deciding to stay at some travel destinations. Budget travel tipstell you that you can check at various online sitesand look for cheaper options of staying.

Choose a location that is at a fair distance from the hot part of the destination of travel. This is because the accommodations available at various hot spots of the destination are tourist centric and have all the facilities but also might be very expensive at the same time. Meet up with local people and enquire about the cheapest places for staying and places offering good food and cheap but best services. You can also ask about some of the best places to visit that might offer you an enthralling experience of visiting a wonderful place. This will also let you know the cultural differences in the region.

Plan your trip with budget travel tips

It is always wiser to plan your travel at the off season as it might not be crowded during this time and also the restaurants and hotels offer half rates in the off seasons. This would also let you to visit some of the most popular places at your own leisure without any rush of other tourists. You will also be able to save a lot of money with air tickets, accommodation, entry fees etc, as you are travelling during the off season. Plan a group travel as it might lift off the burden off your shoulders as each individual in the group would share the expenses.

Book your accommodation in advance even a month before you plan to travel as the rates would not be hiked during that time. Also book your flight or train tickets in advance as you might get them at very low rates. This would involve you planning in advance for your travel trip. Check with various online web sites that might offer you a wide range of combo offers that would get you a coupled benefit and even free dining offers too. Reading various budget travel tipsonline would also help you to adapt more changes in your travel plan. Are you a BIG lover of 2023 Nude Calendars, find a big collection of 2023 Nude Calendars here.…