CryptoLogic Unveils New Casino Malaysia Casino Software

Casino Malaysia

CryptoLogic – CryptoLogic Inc., a leading software supplier to the Internet gaming and e-commerce industries, today announced the release of the fifth generation of its market-leading casino software, branded Casino Global Edition (GE).

Recognizing the rapid growth, increasing competition and sophistication of Internet gaming, CryptoLogic has added exciting new features that will help its licensees build one-to-one relationships with players through enhanced usability, new jackpot games, multi-currency and loyalty features.

“Internet gaming is more competitive than ever, and that’s why CryptoLogic’s new software is designed with marketing in mind,” said Jean Noelting, president and CEO of CryptoLogic. “Our licensees have some of the biggest and best casinos on the Internet, but with competition from 1,400 other sites, success depends on big jackpots, great promotions and personal marketing.

“Global Edition offers popular new games and exciting features that will help our licensees differentiate themselves, reward loyal players and make it easy and fun to play at their casinos.”

Casino GE builds on the best of CryptoLogic’s technical and marketing expertise. The new tournament and VIP loyalty features will enable operators to reward their top players with preferential status, special contests, higher “comps” and prizes. Multi-currency payouts now extend to US dollars, British pound sterling and euros, offering greater convenience for CryptoLogic licensees’ growing European user base.

Players will also enjoy more chances to win big with new progressive jackpot and slot games. Technical advancements bring enhanced graphics such as animated and information-enabled avatars and easier full screen view, while providing easier downloads.

GE supports CryptoLogic’s strategic shift to create market and consumer driven products to help its licensees build profitable, sustainable Internet businesses. This follows the company’s recent investment in customer relationship management software for comprehensive player analysis.

Revolutionary new technologies no longer provide the point of Casino Malaysia difference in today’s competitive climate. Accordingly, CryptoLogic’s upcoming new offerings – such as Java games for instant play, a wider array of currencies and international languages, and introduction of bingo and poker – are aimed at moving the company into higher margin game segments, global markets and extending its reach to mainstream, recreational players.

A VP Tourney and 100%+ Bonuses

No-download CherryCasino is hosting a Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better Video Poker tournament this weekend. It lasts from Thursday, December 6 to Sunday, December 9, and the winner takes home $200.

Cherry is offering a 30% deposit bonus each month, up to $30. VIP CherryCasino members can double their bonus and get up to $60 each month. Players who deposit $20 or more each month will be entered into a draw for $500.

The casino also has Buddy Poker, for people who enjoy a little friendly rivalry. CherryCasino accepts Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, and now offers PayPal withdrawals.

FiveRoses Casino

FiveRoses Casino is offering a 125% bonus on deposits of $100, in addition to a long list of other promotions.

There are Casino Malaysia promotions all week long at FiveRoses, including Cash Grab Mondays (10% of a player’s weekend losses will be credited back), Two for Tuesdays (double comp points), and the Hump Day Special (any active account between 5 and 8 p.m. EST on Wednesday gets entered into a draw for a $500 bonus).

FiveRoses also offers 100% Western Union matches up to $150 each month, 5% ongoing match for every $1000 deposited, and $2000 a month in loyalty pay for five lucky players.

The casino accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, ACH, Western Union, FirePay, and NetTeller.

Silver Dollar

Silver Dollar download casino is offering players a great 100% match bonus up to $150 on a minimum $35 deposit.

Silver Dollar is part of the English Harbour family of online casinos, and offers all of your favorite casino games. New players are automatically entered into a monthly draw for $1000, and every $100 purchased and wagered gets you an entry into the draw for a $50,000 BMW.

Finally, Silver Dollar offers 10% deposit bonuses for Western Union or wire transfer purchases at the casino. The casino accepts Visa and MasterCard, FirePay, PayPal, ClearChex, Western Union, bank draft/money order, wire transfer or check.




Poker Asian2Bet Intuition



If you have even a passing interest in gambling, you have undoubtedly played normal table poker. You know the names of the hands and their ranks. You have developed a certain intuition about what to draw and what to hold in draw poker. You will be happy to hear that, for the most part, this intuition will serve you well in video poker. There are a few exceptions, however, and we will cover them here.

The first thing you need to know is the best card in the deck is not the ace. (I am assuming a game without wild cards now.) The best card is the lowest card that will make a winning pair–a jack in the jacks-or-better game or a ten in the tens-or-better game. The reason is simply that the lower cards have more possible straights they can participate in. And, of course, a pair of aces pays no more than a pair of jacks. Failure to realize this leads to a very common error: many players know (or guess) that if they have an ace-high hand with two other high cards all of different suits, the best play is to save only two of the three cards. However, they then wrongly save the two highest cards. The best play is to save the two lowest cards. There is a greater chance of drawing a straight that way.


The old saying, “never draw to an inside straight,” can also mislead the video poker player. In deuces wild, you always draw to an inside straight in preference to drawing five cards. And in jacks-or-better, there are certain inside straight hands (three or more high cards) where drawing to an inside straight is often the best play Asian2Bet.


One other big difference from the table game is the importance of two- and three-card royal flushes, and three-card straight flushes. These hands are of no consequence in regular poker, but learning to recognize them and play them correctly is the key to expert video poker play. Unfortunately, the rules for playing them correctly cannot be summed up in a single sentence; the different hands differ significantly in value based on a lot of factors. I will explain my “gap method” for evaluating three-card straight flushes later, but value of the two-card royal flushes can be pretty much understood by just remembering the principle that aces are not particularly good cards. Thus, the ace-king is actually a pretty bad two-card royal flush. The lowly jack-ten is has many more straights (and, of course, straight flushes) it can be part of. However, unless you are playing one of those rare machines that pay on a pair of tens, the ten is a liability; you are better off with the queen-jack, where either card can pair up to make a winner. In jacks-or-better, the absolute worst two-card royal flush is an ace-ten. In fact, you never save it, except in those few machines with the 4700 (rather than 4000) coin royal flush jackpot, and then only when there is absolutely nothing else to save in your hand.


How important is it to play correctly? Most hands have only one obvious correct play. My calculations suggest that any person with a normal ability to recognize poker hands and normal table-poker intuition would not suffer by more than 1% over a person playing perfectly. Yet, if you read annual reports from the larger casinos and game manufacturers, you gain the impression that the machines return about 2% more than what they would if everyone played perfectly. It is certainly true that people play the machines with wild cards more poorly than those without. This is the only reason that wild card machines can be found that are actually in the player’s favor when played optimally.


Hilton Group plans ‘Las Vegas style’ hotels for UK resorts


Hilton Group PLC wants to introduce Las Vegas glamour to resorts such as Brighton and plans to transform coastal hotels into giant casinos with roulette tables, slot machines and cabaret, The Sunday Times reported citing chief executive David Michels.

Hilton, which hopes to revamp its 400-room Brighton hotel by the end of next year, also wants to transform sites in Blackpool and Bournemouth.

“You could have mini Atlantic Cities. The hotels in Blackpool and Brighton are both very big, and they have banqueting facilities that can become large casinos. There will be slot-machine areas as well as entertainment and gaming – roulette wheels, craps and poker,” he is quoted as saying.

He expects the Brighton site to include 200 slot machines and up to 30 gaming tables.

The hotels could attract gamblers by offering machines with unlimited cash jackpots – to be made possible by the changes to gaming laws.

Hilton plans to add cabaret and entertainment to attract couples where only one partner is interested in gambling.

“If you don’t add the entertainment you are not adding enough,” said Michels. “There are people, for example, who go to Las Vegas and don’t gamble. And in the same way, our resorts must always be an experience and not just a gamblers’ den. Besides which, if you are in a resort like Brighton there are plenty of other things to do if your UFA partner is not interested in gambling,” he added.

Hilton plans to target the middle market of occasional gamblers and weekend breakers with its casino hotels.

Speculation that Cryptologic Inc. would continue to suffer from credit card issuers blocking online gambling transactions was verified late Wednesday when the firm issued an earnings warning for its second quarter.

Shares of Cryptologic, an online gaming software provider, have tumbled 44% since mid-May on concerns the firm’s U.S. business would dry up as more credit card issuers took steps to protect against possible federal legislation banning internet gambling.

Gamblers trying to renege on debts racked up online have also made credit card issuers increasingly wary of processing the transactions, analysts said yesterday.

The stock closed down for the fourth consecutive session yesterday, ending off 35¢ at a 52-week low of $11.20 yesterday.

Citigroup Inc. is the most recent financial institution to announce it will no longer process online gaming transactions, extending a problem which, earlier this year, Cryptologic had suggested would ease.

Cryptologic’s lowered guidance sees revenue of US$8.8-million to US$9-million, down from original expectations for US$9.5-million to US$10.5-million. The company now expects earnings in the quarter of 15¢ a share to 17¢, down from original expectations for 19¢ to 22¢.

Cryptologic also said it will take a US$9.5-million charge in the second quarter.




3 Safe Bets in Situs Judi Slot

Togel Singapore

Safe Bet Criteria

1) In business at least 2 years

2) History of fair play and player satisfaction

3) Games or payouts reviewed by reputable third party

4) Adherence to a stated Code of Conduct

Is it safe giving an Internet casino my credit card number? Are the games fair and honest? Will I get paid if I win?

The following casinos are three of the safest and most reliable casinos on the Internet. Each casino has a proven track record, and meets and exceeds our Safe Bet Criteria (see right).

InterCasino – InterCasino’s first real-money wager was placed in November 1996. Since then InterCasino has entertained more than 275,000 players. InterCasino is licensed by the Government of Dominica. Payouts are reviewed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Lasseters – Lasseters is the world’s first government licensed and regulated Internet casino. The site is monitored by the Northern Territory Government in Australia and features a number of security and safeguard measures. Lasseters launched in April 1999.

River Belle – The River Belle Online Casino was established in 1997. Their “PlayCheck” system allows players to view recent wagers and payouts. Similarly, “CashCheck” displays all purchases and cash-ins. RiverBelle’s payout percentages are reviewed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

New Monkey Money 5-Reel Slot

Diamond Digital Systems, a leading provider of Internet gaming Togel Singapore software, today released the first in its new line of exciting 5-reel 9-line slots with dynamic second screen bonus game feature, Monkey Money. The game was simultaneously released in both Diamond’s Java-based browser and Win32 download client formats, and complements the company’s many existing table, video poker, keno and slot games.

Monkey Money 5-reel slot features the high quality, immersive graphics and clean, easy to use interface that has made Diamond’s other games so popular with players. The bonus level of Monkey Money features a fully interactive video game for added excitement. Players can choose from wagers in denominations of 5c, 10c, 25c & $1. A player’s single account provides access to both the download and JAVA versions of the Diamond game system.

“This represents the first of a series of 5-reel slots that we will be releasing in the coming weeks – each with different logic, looks and bonus feature game-within-a-game. Monkey Money is on the leading edge of internet game development, bringing to the internet this exciting slot format which has proved extremely popular in land based casinos,” said Nick Gabriel, V.P. Operations of Diamond Digital Systems. “We believe that players should not have to compromise the quality of their entertainment be it download or browser based – Diamond is committed to bringing the best land-based games to the net, with uncompromising quality and compact, short download times which had been our hallmark.”…

Online gambling is an Israeli hit

situs poker pkv games

“Israelis really like playing casino games, they’re quite hooked on it,” said Ira Gladnikoff, vice president of Swedish online gambling company OnGame. She added that Israelis are particularly prevalent visitors on online gambling sites. “That’s why we will be running a site specially in Hebrew, despite it being such a small country.”

OnGame runs the online site, considered the fifth-largest online poker web site in the world. Some 3.5 million surfing punters a day place around $13 million on bets.

The local potential is so great that OnGame will be launching a campaign to teach Israelis how to play the game.

“Initially we will open real [not online] poker classes in Tel Aviv,” Gladnikoff said,”with tutors brought specially to Israel from overseas. Poker is a game that requires 70 percent skill and 30 percent luck, so there is something worth learning.”

Americans account for the vast majority – some 80 percent, according to the VP – of OnGame’s customers,”but there are loads of Israelis that play on the site, and they are considered good players.”

Gladnikoff, a Swedish Jew who has family in Israel, thought up OnGame’s venture in Israel, for which the company is to spend $100,000 in the first stages.

Online poker is estimated at taking in some $2 billion a year in bets, and that’s just part of the phenomena of online gambling worldwide. Another major player in the field is Casino-On-Net, whose software was developed by Random Logic, ironically an Israeli company, based in Tel Aviv. Ironic because according to Israel’s strict gambling laws, punters are forbidden from gambling, even online. The company therefore decided to run its casino from Gibraltar, and the site is barred to surfers from Israel.

Another local online gambling company, King Solomon, found another way round the legal restrictions. The company, which takes in bets of $1.5 million a month and makes profits of $400,000 to $600,000 a month on its site,, runs its online casino from South Africa. Its support services though are available in Hebrew.

Internet gambling hurting local situs poker pkv games bookies

Government is banking on revenues of $1.3 million from betting shops during the next fiscal year, according to the budget that was unveiled in Parliament on Friday.

But Lee Beauchamp, general manager of Seahorses betting shop believe that estimate, which is the same as the amount raised two years ago, is too high. He says it’s more likely to be $800,000, the amount Government expects to raise during the current fiscal year, which ends March 31.

That’s because, Mr. Beauchamp says, fewer punters are willing to part with their gambling dollars at local betting shops because they are subject to a 20 per cent tax.

They are betting instead in tax-free cyberspace. Others avoid taxes by using illegal brokers. All of this means Government is being deprived of revenue.

Mr. Beauchamp said hundreds of Bermudians spent money betting on horses and other sports events at the island’s three betting shops each week, but the numbers are falling.

He has asked Government officials to consider halving the tax or taxing the betting shops directly, but this has fallen on deaf ears.

People still prefer to bet with cash, instead of using their credit cards over the Internet, but not if they have to pay 20 per cent.

Mr. Beauchamp believes he is fighting a losing battle —what Government wants to be seen coming down on the side of gamblers?

But in his view, maintaining the betting tax rate at 20 per cent amounts to a missed opportunity. Lower taxes would keep more gamblers’ money on the island and ultimately means more revenue for Government.

“People are going to gamble no matter what,” he said.…

Soccerphile in the Qiu Qiu Terbaik Emerald Isle

Qiu Qiu Terbaik


I’ve just been on a quick trip to Northern Ireland to see relatives but I could not get away from football.

For one thing the Northern Irish are mad about the game, passionate about the Premier League and the big two from Glasgow.

Walk around an Ulster town and you will see more football shirts than in a comparable English town. Travel to Liverpool or Manchester United for a home game and you cannot miss the many Irish accents around.

As it happened, all Ulster eyes were fixed on the telly on Sunday as there was an Old Firm game, a classically passionate affair won by Celtic, the team Irish Catholics gravitate to. Rangers are the Ulster Protestants’ club of choice, their red white and blue colours chiming perfectly with their Union flags.

The Ulster connection with the Glasgow derby remains strong: Celtic manager Neil Lennon is Northern Irish and famously resigned from captaining its national Qiu Qiu Terbaik team after Loyalist death threats (he is Roman Catholic); Celtic fans fly Irish tricolours.

The Northern Protestants, predominantly descendants of 17th century English and Scottish colonisers, support Northern Ireland as their national team while the Catholics cheer the Republic of Ireland, established in 1924 after the island’s partition.

As a classic marker of the complexity of this island’s politics, Northern Ireland wear green and their badge is a Celtic cross with shamrocks, all symbols of Catholics and the South eschewed by hardcore Unionists who assert their British identity. Confused? You are not the only one.

Northern Ireland has traditionally been the stronger but the Republic enjoyed a golden age under England hero Jack Charlton, reaching the last eight of the European Championship and the World Cup. At Euro 2016 both Irelands reached the last 16.

Currently the North is ranked by FIFA slightly higher, 36th versus the Republic’s 39th.

There are also two leagues in Ireland, the NIFL Premiership (Irish League) in the North and the League of Ireland in the South. In 2018 the average crowd in the North was 1,090, in the South it was 2,139, the level of the fifth tier of English football.

The League of Ireland (the Republic’s League) plays February to October, avoiding the worst of the notorious Irish weather. It was the Romans after all who called the place ‘Hibernia’ – Winter Land. It also cannily plays on Friday nights to avoid competition with English football.

The North’s league, the NIFL Premiership by comparison goes head-to-head with English football by playing August to May on Saturday afternoons. Does that partly explain their lower crowds I wonder?

In Derry/Londonderry, the second city of the North, the town’s team Derry City have played in the South since 1972 for security reasons, another curiosity. Local hero James McClean, now at Stoke City following spells at Sunderland, Wigan and West Bromwich, plays for the Republic despite having started in the North’s U21s.

McClean, who hits the headlines every year when he refuses to wear a poppy, was in the press deriding Declan Rice, who had just made his England debut having played for the Republic, the country of his grandparents, since U-16 level up to senior team friendlies.

After an assured debut against the Czech Republic for the holding midfielder, Eire’s loss is surely England’s gain.

A handful of Northern-born footballers have crossed the border for international football, as anyone born in the island of Ireland can obtain an Irish passport, another curiosity.

This small FIFA nation (population 1.9 million) is a football backwater on the wider stage but has produced players like Tottenham legend Danny Blanchflower, Arsenal/Spurs goalkeeper Pat Jennings and until recently Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill.

And the province also gave us one of the game’s greatest ever players in George Best.

It was the Belfast-born ball wizard’s wish that the two Irelands unite on the football field as they have on the rugby one, but unification is not on the agenda of either association, even though it would make sense for many reasons.

Friday night saw Derry City eke past Sligo Rovers at the evocatively named Brandywell Stadium, recently renovated to hold 8,000 and with a 3G pitch, the latter of which I was not too enamoured. Still the Candystripes fans sang and flew giant red and white flags, making for a fun night out.


Next door to the Brandywell stands another stadium holding 22,000, Celtic Park, used for gaelic football and hurling.


It is easy to forget the draw of traditional sports in Ireland as they do not feature in the rest of the British Isles, but the largest stadium in Ireland remains Dublin’s Croke Park gaelic games stadium with a capacity of 82,000.


Another draw in certain parts of Ireland, particularly Munster and middle-class and anglophile areas, is rugby union, which draws sellout crowds to internationals in Dublin. Unlike in football, Ireland are a force in rugby, currently ranked third in the world.


Ireland in general is a second division nation in European football at international level and lower tier when it comes to the club game, a situation unlikely to change.


There is only so much you can do with a small population and the competing attractions of other sports and a football giant next door, whatever the local fervour.


A small landmark will be reached however when Dublin’s Landsdowne Road (capacity 51,700) hosts a first and second round match in Euro 2020.


If the Celtic nations or British Isles can combine forces in the future then maybe even the World Cup itself could land on Irish soil.


In the meantime visitors can console themselves with talking soccer with locals well versed in the ins and outs of the Beautiful Game, whether over a whiskey, Guinness or Irish coffee.




Shimizu S-Pulse Qq Poker Online v Jubilo Iwata

Qq Poker Online



Shimizu S-Pulse lost the Shizuoka Derby against relegation-threatened Jubilo Iwata 0-1 at Ecopa Stadium. A poor game was settled in the first minute of the second half after a terrible mistake from the kick-off by the S-Pulse defence.


Shimizu, fresh from defeat in the League Cup, were booed off the field by their passionate support.


And Then There Were Six


The regular season of the K-League has come Qq Poker Online to an end; now six teams are standing and dusting themselves down in preparation for the championship play-off series.


Despite a mid-season dip that threatened to go the way of Seoul’s KOSPI index and head into a plunge, Suwon Samsung Bluewings bounced back to finish in first – just. The Gyeonggi giants took top spot ahead of FC Seoul by virtue of a slightly superior goal difference.


The reward for laying claim to the top spots is that the lucky recipients get to watch the other quartet quarrel until one is left.


The smart money is that Seongnam will emerge from the dust but anything could happen. The yellows finished in third and host barely-squeezed-into-sixth Jeonbuk. The match-up between fourth and fifth is an all-southeastern affair between Ulsan and Pohang.


Winning the first match is just one step. The prize for the two victors is a battle with each other. The winner of that game will head to capital for a one-off match with FC Seoul. The winner of that takes on Suwon in a two-legged final with the K-League title as a prize.


It is simpler than it sounds but the process getting to this point was not easy. Going into the final round of games on Sunday, there were a host of issues that had to be settled.


Suwon traveled to Incheon. Both teams needed to win –Suwon to ensure first place and Incheon to stay in sixth.


Thousands of Suwon fans also made the short journey west and were rewarded as their heroes took control of the game by scoring three very good goals. The first a real beauty courtesy of Baek Ji-hoon.


Baek Ji-hoon celebrates


Incheon pulled one back with a late penalty but the eventual result was never in doubt. The Suwon players celebrated first place with their fans while Incheon’s supporters quietly left their stadium for the last time this year.


“We started this season so well but had injuries and then had a bad run,” smiled Suwon coach Cha Bum-keun after the match. “As a coach, this is the most difficult time but it was good experience for the other players.


“I think that the team which finishes first is the real champion,” he added.


Suwon had to win as Seoul was waiting to pounce and take top spot if there were any slip-ups. The capital club slipped up itself and lost the initiative in the race for the summit last weekend with a 2-0 defeat at Busan.


On the subsequent trip to the southeast, Seoul performed better and was two goals ahead by half-time. Pohang hit back in the dying minutes but it was too little too late. Despite finishing second, Seoul coach Senol Gunes proclaimed that he was happy with the season.


“All our players have given everything over the last 26 games. First of all we will give them a vacation and then continue the hard work. We will not make too many changes,” Gunes said.


Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma spent virtually the whole season in the top two until the final week. The team simply stopped scoring though managed a 1-0 win at Daegu FC. Even that was slightly disappointing as Daegu may be a city famous for juicy apples and dainty dames but the team is notorious for its leaky backline. The seven-time champion will host Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in the play-off.


Of all the six teams remaining, Jeonbuk is the happiest to be there. The Jeonju team started the season poorly and spent much of the first half scrambling to stay to climb off the bottom. A great run in the second half of the campaign, culminating in an exciting 3-1 win over Gyeongnam, ensures that the 2008 season is not over in Jeolla Province


With Pohang and Ulsan also ready to continue, there is still a great deal of football still left to be played.




Miracle worker has all eyes on Pkv Poker number two

Pkv Poker



Australian World Cup saviour Guus Hiddink might this Pkv Poker week have announced his decision to coach Russia after the finals – but for now his undivided attention turns to working his second miracle with the Socceroos.


Weeks of speculation linking the in-demand Dutch coach with every managerial position vacant or otherwise ended with Hiddink’s inking of a two-year contract with the Russian Football Association. He will reportedly receive AUD$3.2 million per annum in a deal rumoured to have been bankrolled by billionaire Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich such was his popularity with national team bosses. Unlike the Socceroos, Russia failed to qualify for Germany under coach Yuri Semin and were handed a 7-1 hiding by Portugal during a dismal campaign.


Hiddink has also finished his second stint at the helm of PSV Eindhoven after leading them to the Dutch title for consecutive seasons last Sunday. His championship winners signed off in style with a 6-2 thrashing of NAC Breda, the coach’s 200th victory during eight years with PSV. With the Dutch giants already eliminated from the Champions League, the match signalled the end of Hiddink’s domestic reign.


With the new Aussie Rules season cranking up and the National Rugby League already in full swing, Hiddink’s departure has gone unnoticed by all but the footballing fraternity down under. It is a harsh indictment on the man supporters are already lauding as the best-ever Socceroo coach after guiding the Aussies to their first World Cup in 32 years.


In some ways, Hiddink’s failure to renew his international contract with Football Federation Australia has provoked a typical response. The Dutchman has somewhat adopted the “no worries, mate” mantra himself during his tenure and his departure is seen as merely the inevitable end of a beautiful relationship – no matter that without him the Socceroos will certainly be a poorer set-up. His decision to step in and help on a part-time basis when the team were in the doldrums will always be remembered as a turning point in Australian football.


Hiddink, of course, is making little of his repatriation to Roman’s army at this stage. His work with Russia begins with the Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia [a nation he’ll know plenty about after their Group F encounter with Australia] on September 6. His work preparing the Socceroos for the greatest test in their history starts now.


His first task will be to utilise the final weeks of the European season to assess his stocks. The major leagues play their final round of matches on May 7 with the 23-man playing squads for Germany to be submitted no later than May 15. Of Hiddink’s likely squad members, only AC Milan goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac could still be in action in the Champions League final after this deadline.


He will, no doubt, be pleasantly surprised with what he finds. The form of his key armoury is robust with Mark Viduka, Harry Kewell and Everton’s player of the month for March Tim Cahill all weighing in with goals of late. Former captain Craig Moore is starting to put his injury nightmare behind him at Newcastle United and remains firmly in Hiddink’s thoughts for the opener against Japan. Meanwhile, influential midfielder Josip Skoko – who captained the Socceroos in February’s Asian Cup qualification win in Bahrain – is blossoming in a loan spell at Stoke City.


The coach’s major dilemma remains the balance of his defence. Stalwarts Tonys Vidmar and Popovic continue to struggle with injuries or a lack of match practice. Depending on which way you look at it, it might have been a positive factor that Vidmar’s rib injury meant he didn’t feature in the NAC side which capitulated against PSV last weekend. He and Popovic are being pushed hard by Moore, recently appointed FC Thun captain Ljubo Milicevic and even A-League high-flyer Michael Beauchamp for a starting spot.


After submitting his final 23, Hiddink then looks forward to his first match in charge of the Socceroos since that famous night against Uruguay last November. He leads the side against reigning European champions Greece at the 90,000-capacity rebuilt MCG in front of an expected capacity crowd on May 25. The squad then head to Holland for a pre-finals training camp – including a friendly against Marco van Basten’s side on June 4 – before heading to their base in Ohringen in Southern Germany.…

Noble Poker Offers Best World Series of Situs Slot Poker Chances

situs slot


The Odds are in your favor to qualify for World Series of Poker at Noble Poker.


The odds are in your favor at Noble Poker. In an effort to increase its visibility, Noble Poker ( is running a big World Series of Poker promotion, offering numerous seats to the big tournament in July.


Noble Poker is a small poker room compared to many of the industry giants. While table selection and games may not be as plentiful as at some of the other poker rooms, Noble’s size offers opportunities for players to hit the big time. While Party Poker has 75000 players online during the evenings, Noble might have 500, many of whom are newcomers to online texas holdem. This can work in your favor.


At the end of each month Noble Poker offers super satellite tournaments with prize packages including a trip to Las Vegas for the 2005 World Series of Poker, complete with entry into the tournament, airfare and accomodations. The competition at the other sites is stiff, with thousands of players vying for the coveted seat at the tournament table, but at Noble Poker you’ll have to beat out a fraction of the tough players you would have to face elsewhere.


In addition to its big situs slot World Series push, Noble Poker is running many other promotions to try to make its way into the “big leagues”. Competition for the online player is fierce, so a burgeoning site like Noble has to offer more enticement than the giants. Noble Poker is currently offering a 100% deposit bonus at this link , a vast improvement over the twenty percent offered elsewhere. New players will also be entered into a weekly $1000 freeroll. Again, the lack of a large number of opponents tilts these odds in your favor. Noble Poker’s state of the art look and feel (and sound!) blow away the top five sites.

Dallas Mavericks Season/Playoff Suite Tickets Available at Online Poker Tournament


An exclusive online poker tournament will give the top ten finishers Dallas Mavericks tickets and an autographed jersey. 18 luxury suite tickets, 2 2005-06 season tickets, and dinner with Mark Cuban to be awarded.


(PRWEB) March 29, 2005 — On Saturday, April 16, 2005, the worlds largest poker room will hold a free online tournament for Mavericks fans. Party Poker ( will give the first 2500 fans who sign up at their online poker room the chance to win both 2004-05 playoff tickets and 2005-06 season tickets before you can buy them. The April 16th tournament will be a no limit hold ’em event awarding the top ten finishers with both Mavericks home game tickets and an autographed jersey. The prize breakdowns are as follows:


1st Place (Grand Prize): Two (2) season tickets to the 2005-2006 Dallas Mavericks season, dinner with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban before a game and four (4) suite tickets to a Dallas Mavericks home playoff game.

2nd Place: Four (4) suite tickets to a Dallas Mavericks home playoff game and an autographed Dallas Mavericks jersey.

3rd Place – 7th Place: Each will receive two (2) suite tickets to a Dallas Mavericks home playoff game and an autographed Dallas Mavericks jersey.

8th Place – 10th Place: Each will receive an autographed jersey and two (2) tickets to a Dallas Mavericks playoff game or 2005-06 home regular season game.


This is a special event not open to all Togel Singapore members of Party Poker ( and is a great opportunity reserved for Mavericks fans only. The tournament is free to enter and is guaranteed to turn one lucky fan into a season ticket holder and 9 others free seats to a Dallas Mavericks home game. All that is required is to download the Party Poker software and let them know that you want to be entered in the free tournament.


Players who register at Party Poker as a Mavericks fan are also entitled to a special sign-up bonus for free money on their first deposit. By using the bonus code “Mavs25” when creating a new account you will be given $25 free to play or withdraw from Party Poker (

You can also by use the bonus code “Mavs20” and Party Poker will give an additional 20% of your first deposit up to $100. Although no deposit is required to register for the Mavericks freeroll many fans are using these bonuses towards invaluable practice before the big tournament.


Remember, this opportunity is limited to only 2500 fans and seats are expected to fill up very fast. To make sure your spot is reserved download the Party Poker software at, take advantage of either the “Mavs25” or “Mavs20” sign-up bonus when creating your new account, and contact Party Poker through their toll free number (800)852-4719 or email e-mail protected from spam bots letting them know you want to be a part of the Mavericks freeroll tournament.





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* Scouts: Person(s) who study team plays and/or practice and report findings to handicappers.

* Smart Money: Sides that are bet on by the more knowledgeable handicappers.

* Sport Player: A person who waits for what he thinks is an unusually strong wager.

* Steam: When a betting line starts to move quite rapidly; most “steam games” do not necessarily reflect the “right side,” but are games that the mass of bettors somehow decide to key on.

* Score: To make a big win.

* Scratch: To call off a wager.

* Side: When one side of a wager wins and the other side ties.

* Smart Money: Sides that are bet on by the more knowledgeable handicappers.

* Sport Player: A person who waits for what he thinks is an unusually strong wager.

* Star: Rating.

* Steam: When a betting line starts to move quite rapidly. Most “steam games” do not necessarily reflect the “right side”, but are games that the mass of bettors somehow decide to key on.

* The Store: Bookie.

* Steuck: Behind, losing, buried, down for the week.

* Sucker Bet: A bet that is very disadvantageous to the player such as a public opinion game.

* Taking: Wagering on the underdog; taking the odds.

* Totals: Total combined point/runs/goals scored in a game; In baseball, if either of the two listed starting pitchers don’t go the bet is automatically cancelled.

* Tout: Someone who sells his opinions on sports or horse wagers.

* Value: Getting the best odds on a betting proposition; the highest possible edge.

* Virgornish: The commission paid to the bookmaker.

* Wager: Any Bet.

* Wise Guy: A sophisticated gambler.

* Wood: Laying points.




In his first appearance before a General Assembly committee that could soon decide on enormous profits for his company, the head of a Canadian-based racetrack chain said yesterday that he could rebuild Pimlico Race Course within two years if lawmakers authorize slot-machine gambling. Jim McAlpine, president and chief executive officer of Magna Entertainment Corp., said that if legislators approve slots at racetracks, the revitalization of the home of the Preakness could begin immediately and be completed in about 24 months.

“For sure, Pimlico needs a total rebuild,” McAlpine said. Revenues from slots would accelerate the company’s present timetable, he said, allowing Magna to borrow money against gambling revenues for construction.


Magna agreed in July to purchase a controlling interest in the Maryland Jockey Club, which owns Pimlico and Laurel Race Course. Since the agreement, Republican Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. was elected governor, pledging to add slot machines to four state racetracks to help balance the budget and boost the racing industry.


McAlpine made a presentation on racing and slots yesterday to the House Appropriations Committee in Annapolis, along with Joseph A. De Francis, president and chief executive of the Maryland Jockey Club.


The two men faced questions about recent disclosures that De Francis and his sister, Karin, could collect a share of slots profits for two decades – even after they have sold their interest in the tracks.


Del. Howard P. Rawlings of Baltimore, chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said the revelation could raise problems for slots legislation. Some Togel Singapore lawmakers might compare the deal to a proposed conversion of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield to for-profit status, which includes millions of dollars in bonuses for executives, Rawlings said.


But De Francis said his agreement with Magna has no impact on how much money would flow into state coffers. The partners would split whatever profits remain after all expenses, he said, including money for racing prizes, Maryland’s share for the state general fund, and payments for loans, advertising and other costs. Ehrlich has talked about charging an upfront licensing fee that could yield $200 million to $400 million for next year’s budget.


Once slots are fully in place at the four racetrack sites, he estimates they could generate $800 million a year for Maryland’s treasury. But that would require huge slots emporiums with nearly 3,500 slot machines at each track.